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The Smart Choice in Decking

A stylish and affordable decking solution for carefree outdoor living that lasts.

Designed to be better

ReDeck composite decking is an entirely low maintenance decking solution and you won’t have to worry about rot or water damage.

Our boards are manufactured using 55%
reclaimed wood fibre that’s combined with 45% recycled polyethylene fibres, bonding agents and tint to create a wood-plastic composite decking material that resists water ingress and rot. This means cleaning and care is easy, and you won’t spend your weekends cleaning, sanding and staining ever again.

Why choose ReDeck?


Low Maintenance

ReDeck composite decking is virtually maintenance free, needing only occasional cleaning to keep it looking great.  No painting or staining required.

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Affordable Price

ReDeck is an online business which allows us to keep costs down and pass on savings to our customers


Slip Resistant

Low water absorption rate protects from mould and fungus build up creating a slip-resistant surface.


DIY Install

Build your own happy place with composite decking for homeowners and professionals alike.  The unique hidden fixing system makes installation simple.

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Weather Resistant

Defy mother nature, with composite decking that's designed to withstand the elements.


Eco Friendly

Our products are made from recycled material and engineered to last longer than timber products.  This reduces the waste and replace cycle and makes composite decking an eco-friendly solution.